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Tour of Monarch Painting Project

Home of enthusiastic customer
Extensive decorative painting was done in Fairfield County Connecticut home
Color washed and stenciled foyer
Foyer walls were color washed in a deep burgundy and stenciled with a faded look; trim work was softly glazed
Detail of foyer walls
Foyer walls were softly stenciled and decorative painted
Soft strie glaze
Glazing on trim work was detailed with a darker glazing
Soft pebble finish
Living room walls were soft sponge finished in light olive to compliment the red fabrics
Glazed panel and trompe l'oeil garlands
Pebble finished walls were enhanced by glazed panels below and trompe l’oeil garlands
Striping and damask stencil over a pebble finish
Dining room received faux striping and damask stencil over a sponge finish
Color washed walls in family room
Family room color glazed walls provide a quiet faux retreat in New Canaan Connecticut home
Glaze wiped cabinets and ceiling mural
Kitchen’s glaze wiped cabinets contrast with a mural of a grape arbor on the ceiling
Metallic glaze with hand painted borders
Elegant powder room glazed in faux metallic received hand stenciled decorative painting
Mural on metallic walls
Mural of faux metallic details the powder room
Metallic color washed walls with stencils
Mud room was glazed with metallic and stenciled with iron rusting paint
Trompe l’oeil wood paneled with hand painted details
Mud-powder room was trompe l’oeil wood paneled and received hand painted sports equipment
Stiped and stenciled walls
Master bedroom was faux stripe painted, sparkle enhanced and stenciled in a soft pewter
Mural of 15th century Genoa
Master bath received a mural in monochrome with scenes of 15th century Genoa
Soft strie glaze
Master bath cabinetry was over glazed in soft strie
Ceiling illusion of balustrade terrace
master bath ceiling is an Trompe l’oeil illusion of a balustrade terrace
Suede walls with trompe l’oeil ceiling panels
The club atmosphere of the basement has glazed suede walls with trompe l’oeil panels on the ceiling